The world’s first strategy simulation game based on algorithmic stable currency meta universe

One of the most powerful people in the current science and technology industry, Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun said at the virtual Computex conference that “he believes we are on the cusp of the meta-universe” and praised its potential. According to his Q&A with reporters, he even Say that users will one day use Metaverse to “simulate the future.”

He said: “There will be an AR version. The art you have is a digital art. You use NFT to own it. You will show that beautiful art, which is unique and completely digital. You can either wear it. Our glasses, or use a mobile phone. You can see that it is there, completely shining, and it belongs to you. We will see this coverage, if you want, a meta-universe will cover and enter our physical world “

Huang is not the only CEO who has expressed views on NFT and Metaverse recently, but he is certainly the most optimistic one. In January of this year, Tim Sweeney, the founder of Fortnite, said that NFT is the most “trustworthy” way to achieve an effective meta-universe.

Nowadays, the prelude to a new era is slowly being opened, and explorers are rushing in and taking root in this seemingly right field. The core team of INFINITE has been exploring this field for several years. In their view, the meta-universe is not just a simple open world, but also a more comprehensive display of strategies and the construction of alliances and civilizations on the basis of strategies.

INFINITE: Does not advocate krypton gold and is not a play-by-chain strategy simulation game

Unlike traditional strategy simulation games, INFINITE does not advocate the so-called krypton gold, but hopes users’ own unique strategies to create digital wealth.

First of all, every user can build his own VAULT. All assets (excluding IFNT) spent by the user in INFINITE will not be possessed by anyone, but will become part of the user’s VAULT; they will be returned through the mining behavior of the production building. In other words, INFINITE can be regarded as a game that does not cost money.

Secondly, in addition to the competition for resources and space, the battle between users will also include the competition for part of the VAULT rights and interests. This is also the biggest difference between INFINITE and other meta-universes. There is no simple play house here, but a real battle.

INFINITE: NFT-based fortune world of on-chain games

There are a total of 10 basic resources, 57 basic buildings, 217 units, and 1723 material blueprints designed in INFINITE. All of the above game components will exist in the form of NFT and FT, and will be gradually unlocked as the level of technology increases. The asset data and game data in INFINTITE are stored in smart contracts, which are owned and controlled by users. Whether it is selling basic resources or materials, or auctioning material blueprints, it will become a source of wealth for users. As the meta universe expands, more and more wealth will gather in, and the pioneers of the universe will be rewarded accordingly.

INFINITE: A meta-universe that integrates the infrastructure of the DeFi world

As we all know, algorithmic stablecoins are the holy grail of the DeFi world. So far, many algorithmic stablecoin projects have come home in search of the holy grail. The reason lies in the insufficiency of the application scenarios, and the value of its algorithmic stable currency cannot be supported by the Harvest contract alone. The support of lending platforms can only be regarded as infrastructure, and ultimately still lacks application scenarios.

INFINITE will provide comprehensive application support for AMPL, BAC, FEI, BAG, sCASH on Ethereum, and bCASH on BSC through Metaverse, and provide application scenarios such as construction and war between stablecoins with different algorithms. Promote the anchoring and expansion of the value of algorithmic stablecoins.

In addition, the DeFi world infrastructure, such as DEX, lending agreement, and aggregate revenue agreement will all exist in the INFINITE meta-universe in a unique entry or form. Users with basic programming skills can even build these basic protocols into brand new DeFi facilities through the universe editor.

INFINITE: a civilized meta-universe

Providing a high-level gaming experience is not all INFINITE’s “ambition”. In addition to building, exploring, and warring in INFINITE, users can also purchase “asteroids” and “interstellar planets”, build their own “cities” and “civilizations”, and create games and applications in the meta-universe. Creative vector.

According to INFINITE’s current technological development trajectory, the cross-chain meta-universe is only the first step in its horizontal expansion. All participants on the chain will participate in the process of transforming this meta-universe. And through the smart contract language, to create a civilization system belonging to the universe. With the launch of the 2022Q2 Civilization Editor, users on the chain will take a big step forward in this wireless meta-universe. Whether it is collectivism or individual heroism, dictatorship or democracy, different universes will derive different civilization experiences.

Concluding remarks

INFINITE has designed an application token model based on algorithmic stable coins and anchor tokens for its game ecology, as well as a governance token model with IFNT as the core.

Governance tokens (IFNT) can not only replace algorithmic stablecoins and anchor tokens in most scenarios, but will also be used for governance and promote the ecological development of INFINITE.

INFINITE will build an infinitely open and evolving meta-universe. Because all data is on the chain, users and developers do not need to worry about data centralization. About 25% of IFNT tokens in INFINITE’s token model are used to reward users for creating content, so developers can rely on creativity to capture user value, and at the same time users can infinitely expand their wealth boundary in the game with their talents

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