Supernova Whitehole Lending

Open Beta Launch Annoucement

Supernova Whitehole Lending platform will officially launch beta at 8AM(UTC) on June 1st, 2021.

Welcome to join us in this exciting long-tail digital asset revolution.

Long-tail crypto assets

While centralized exchange (CEX) is usually first option especially for new crypto investors, we are witnessing exponential rise of DeFi ecosystem over the past year. DeFi protocols and exchange option are bringing more safety to user with non-custodial solutions — reducing risk of giving away wallet keys, what is still the major concern when interacting with CEX.

We are more than confident upcoming future will be far more decentralized, so Supernova is joining that revolution today.

Long-tail crypto assets are usually assets with low liquidity, low trading volume, and low market capitalization (marketcap) and yet representing enormous potential in the crypto market space.

Below you may find short risk assesment tips. Please read it carefully before proceeding. Cryptocurrency is promising, but yet please invest with caution!

Risk tips

1. due to the frequent attacks of flashloans recently, the whitehole lending platform will monitor the contract in real time and take risk control measures for abnormal transaction behaviors.

2. the white hole lending platform mainly serves long-tail digital assets. In order to prevent the liquidation risk caused by the large price fluctuation in the normal range, it is suggested that the loan users should pay attention to the control of the loan utilization rate in a lower range.

Risk margin

In order to cope with various unknown risks, the white hole lending platform has prepared $50,000 insurance pool in advance for the compensation of potential losses. 40% of the future loan interest margin will be added to the insurance pool as the security of the platform.

Airdrop Event

As a pure function platform, the whitehole lending platform is part of the supernova universe, and there is no plan to issue incentive tokens separately.

In order to celebrate and encourage everyone to join the whitehole landing platform, we will give out 100 HT as airdrop rewards from June 2 to June 12 to encourage Supernova users participating in whitehole lending.


This announcement is for general information based on Supernova development proposal and experience.

It should not be cosidered as proffesional financial investment advice and/or used in the evaluation of making any investment decisions.